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Member Swap Page
Do you have used equipment or excess inventory to sell? The Swap Page is open to all members as a service to move backstock or unneeded items. Find a deal or place your items on the Swap Page.
Abrasives 101 – Learn About Our Industry
The following links provide educational material to CAFA members regarding the products within our industry. Feel free to view the presentations. Our goal is to support membership through knowledge sharing and communication that promotes the whole of the abrasives industry.

Coated Abrasives Components and Their Effect on Performance (February, 2009)

Understanding High Tech Coated Abrasives (January, 2006)

PSAs on Film Liners (February, 2007)

Small Parcel Transportation Proposal

Small Parcel Consulting

Understanding PSA’s (February, 2010)

Non Woven Abrasives (February, 2010)